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    topps redemption replacement mailday MOJO?

    i recieved this as a replacement for a 2012 finest jumbo mat relic auto of jose aldo. i think i did alright with a 2010 knockout notable nicknames auto of mauricio rua (signed SHOGUN) its also 1/25 which is cool haha im open to trades or offers :). let me know if you think i did alright

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    Personally I think u did amazing I also think even though Aldo is champ Shogun holds higher value.

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    how long do you have to wait on something before they will replace it?

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    That's better than any replacement I've ever received!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2012KO View Post
    how long do you have to wait on something before they will replace it?

    after 15 weeks from the date of redeeming online youll get an email. it tells you to call and request a replacement if you dont want to wait.

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    i've been waiting on Matt Hamill auto's for almost two years hahaha. Maybe it's time to request replacements. :)

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    hahahaha yeah 2 years is a lot i would call rather than email them. i told them 3 names id really want instead nick diaz, shogun rua, and rory macdonald. so they listened to who i said i wanted. it depends whats available tho. good luck and let me know how you do :)

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    awesome card. if you decide to sell it, i would definitely be interested
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    Wants: Anything mma as well as nice texans patches

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    Update: My two Hamills actually showed up the other day!!! Just when I thought Topps forgot about them :)

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    hahaha nice post scans of the hamills :))))))))))))))) id love to see em especially after that long wait ahhaha

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