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    2 boxes of prizm packs of contenders and magic

    Prizm was so so

    RG3 Ref variant rc?
    Fred Davis Ref Auto /25
    Chris Givens
    Luke whatever from Carolina
    Kevin Zielter

    Playoff Ticket Kendall wright /99 auto damanged going back to panin
    Riley Reiff
    Something Robinson from the Viking, Never heard of him
    Dan Herron


    Hit one of those buffalo nickels /25
    Jermaine Gresham SP
    Andre Roberts
    Malcom Floyd
    Nick Fairly

    Elite Packs
    Stephen Hill New Breed Prime Signatures Redmeption
    Alfred Morris RC /999.

    Got a ton of SP in Magic base including a mini of Kaepernick and the base as well.

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    Some nice hits.

    How do you know that they are SP's?
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    Topps Checklist. I went and looked at it earlier. Found the Gresham is a SP auto. Not to bad. The Buffalo Coin is cool but rather had a big auto lol

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