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    Question Any famous or expensive hockey error cards?

    I know baseball has a lot but don't know much about errors in hockey. Anybody has any examples or are errors mostly a baseball thing?
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    Errors in Hockey that pay out, are almost all vintage. Errors in Hockey are not rewarded like they were in bygone days.

    The last Hockey card error that resulted in an owner's favour was the 91-92 OPC Premier Vladimir Konstantinov Rookie Card #118A. The error version (not many printed) books at $8.00 and has a photo of Nick Lidstrom on the card back.

    The corrected version #118B books at $1.00

    Brian Leetch's 1989-90 All-Star card has a photo of somebody else on the front and is not rewarded at all because the error was never corrected.
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    There are some Pro Set errors from 1990-91 that when they appear command big $$ or at least they used to.

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    centrehice is very much correct here. I don't recall a time since that Konstantinov that an error card has even been corrected. I think most products tend to simply be printed, and that's it (rather than a 1st / 2nd / 3rd run - where the oppertunity to correct the mistake would present itself).

    I remember 90-91 Pro Set being filled with them. Ray Bourque's name spelt wrong, Joe Niewendyke's name spelt wrong (did I get it right there?) The Niewendyke was worth $20, or something like that, for a long time - but they can be had for $1 or less now. Peter Statsny's photo (on the front of the card) was mixed up with someone else's (though that player's name escapes me right now).

    There has been some really crazy prices paid for proset errors, but not common errors. I seem to remember someone posting an auction for a Ray Bourque recently (in the last few months) that got up over $200. It wasn't a mispelt name though, I think there was just a black blotch where the name should be.
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    Thanks for the help guys!

    Yeah it seems that like hockey in football the only sets that really have any wanted errors are the Pro Set ones. I guess the error fad happened too early in the baseball card 1980s for the other sports to catch on. It was fueled by the different companies which I think was smaller than the amount of baseball licenses.
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    About the only valued error cards these days in hockey are cards that aren't intended to actually be released. The Brock Trotter Certified RC and the Dr. Price 1972 The Year in Hockey are two that spring to mind.
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    In Konstatinov's OPC Premier RC case, there were very few cases printed when the Error was corrected, that is why Beckett put a premium on the card.

    They are like Hen's Teeth to find, as most are in collections. I had quite of few corrected ones, but never found an error in any box that I opened. In 1999 you could buy a box of this issue for $2.00.

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    It fits into the category of cards that weren't meant to be released, but the 99/00 Retro had the Howe which was imprinted making it dimensional, my buddy has one. Anybody remember that one?
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