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Thread: How do you rate comc?

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    How do you rate comc?

    How does everyone rate the changes on comc?

    I sold out prior to the changes and was considering submitting new items but wasn't sure
    How everyone liked the price increase and the card surcharge applied to the listing. Any feedback would
    Be great.

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    Truthfully I only used it for BV value lookups lol. Never bought or sold there but I used it all the time when I wanted to know what certain cards were listed at. They don't do that anymore so I never go there. I guess I was too cheap/smart to buy a Beckett so I went to them.

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    Great site for filling little needs and cheap stuff not worth buying off ebay. 20 cent listing fee is excessive in my mind and the 20% cash out rate has really dissuaded me from sending in a lot of stuff to them. If it was a 10% hit, I'd use them to unload half my collection as starting to reduce and cut back or at least want to, but do not have a feasible, manageable way to do so....

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    I don't know how they made any money before the changes so I expected it to happen. It would be one thing if they kept an indventory of cards like to might find on beckett or sportlots, but to scan every single card front and back and keep every card sorted by owner and then when you buy 10 cards having to go pick out the individual card and move it to your box or whatever. I think it's amazing that they can pull it off. I mean think about having to go get a card numbered 878/1500 from one person's file and physically moving it to another person's file. It takes just as much time to do it for a .10 card as it does for a $100 card.

    I hate it that the prices have to go up for sellers but I think it was unavoidable.

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    Like someone already stated, I hate the cash out fee, if it was lower I'd probably empty my closet and save myself the time and trouble of ebay

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    Great feedback everyone. Also just heard about the sports card direct launch but a little confused on how that might work as it is pretty new.

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