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    My first $100+ Box of cards... 2012 Absolute... Awesome Hit!

    Opened my first ever box of cards that cost me $100+ ...... I know I know... i just dont spend that much money when buying..


    2012 Absolute Football...

    What did I get?

    Star Gazing - Russel Wilson Patch /49 (too bad not an auto)
    War Room Signature Materials Redemption - Robert Griffin III /49
    Spectrum - Rishard Mathews Rookie Autograph /299
    Spectrum - Rob Gronkowski Autograph /75
    Hall Worthy - Warrick Dunn /100

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    It doesn't happen very often for those who bust regularly, but you are now 1 for 1 against the odds! Congrats, that was a really nice box.
    Football: Cincinnati Bengals, Prestige and old timer greats!
    Hockey: Ottawa Senators, Iginla and old timer greats!

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