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Thread: Prizm retail box break

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    Prizm retail box break

    Well, I think I'm done busting this stuff.. again. LOL Not a bad box, I just have bought a ton of this stuff and have only gotten one solid green. I should be close to the complete base set now. anyway, here is what I got. Everything is FT for durant & westbrook or bucs stuff
    notable rc -- lillard, waiters & drummond
    inserts-- downtown bound james harden, dave cowens MVP, toni kukoc finalists
    green refractors -- al horford, rodney stuckey, derrick coleman & deron williams downtown bound
    Thanks for the look. If anyone is doing the green set, shoot me a pm b/c I have about 8 others ft

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    gsigner-- do you have any irving, durant or westbrooks for trade?

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