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    WTT this awesome SERIAL # LOT FOR ONE CARD...

    check out this great lot. I am looking to trade it for one card of your choice. I do like the super star rookie players, current and few years back. this includes. luck,rg,d martin,r wilson,cam, etc. All offers will be considered, Im trying to condense my collection. If someone (you) have the resources and time to break this lot down on ebay, you wil make some money for sure. You get ALL cards listed in this thread, almost 60 cards total.


    Tyrod Taylor Gold Standrd 2011 rookie 8/10
    T Romo Gold Standard 2011 15/25
    T Aikman 2011 GS Legend 22/25
    G Mcelroy spectrum rookie 20/25
    Robert Housler 2011 gold standard rookie 4/10
    Sam Bradford t plat rookie refractor 351/999
    Brian Cushing prestige rookie 688/999
    Urlacher unrivaled /499
    J brnadstater plat rookie 47/999
    Patric turner white ref plat rookie 399/499
    Daryl Washington SPX rookie 391/599
    Anthony Mccoy spx rookie 473/599
    Stevan Ridley Superlative Rookie t chrome die cut 24/25
    D harris,Sammy Baugh,T Thomas (50th),M Dareus 2011 GS all /299
    Tyrod Taylor 2011 Gold Standard rookie 8/10
    Jahvid Best 11 GS rookie 95/299
    F Tarkenton gold standard 2011 290/299
    L Blunt 2011 GS 116/299
    Dexter Jackson Bow Chrome rookie Blue Refract 27/150
    Andre Woodson Bowman Chrome rookie 7/199
    Marvin Austin 2011 GS rookie 290/299
    J mouton GS 2011 rookie 66/299
    Schaub gold leaf star 2001 GS 244/299
    Bruce Smith Gold standard 2011 50th ann. 200/299
    Marcel Dareus bowman chrome gold rookie 82/99

    M massaquoi UD draft edition rookie 123/350
    D Mccourty SPX rookie 2/599
    Chad Greenway SPX rookie 1265/1299
    D Cromartie 08 Threads rookie 226/350
    Cedric Peerman UD Draft ed. 28/75
    C wells/Sh Greene UD 339/350
    Pat White Prestigious picks 429/500
    Ian Campbell UD Draft ed. 21/25
    Nic Harris Prestige rookie 942/999
    Fasano SPX rookie 650/1299
    A Cason 08 limited Phenom 15/49
    Sonny Jurgenson 08 Limited Team Trademarks 465/999
    08 limited t barber Legend 89/499
    Jaymar Johnson leaf lim 08 Phenom 89/125
    T wheatly LL 2008 phenom 151/999
    S Castille LL 08 phenom 882/999
    Tom Fears (skins) Legend LL 2008 92/125
    D mccourty rookie classics Panini 09 887/999
    Ramses Barden 09 Prestige Xtra points 57/100
    Malcom Jenkins ud scouting report 33/350
    Brett Favre 09 UD draft history 24/350
    Xavier Odem absolute rookie 499/799
    Justin Forsett 08 rookie threads 186/350
    Chris Wells college ties 09 donruss elite 735/899
    Duece Mccalister SPX 435/650
    J Cotchery 09 Prestige 427/500
    Marcus Freeman Draft edition 182/350
    B westbrook prestige pros 660/1000
    Grahm Harrel 303/1000 prest picks
    Charles Scott prestige 2010 rookie draft 358/999
    Kevin Oconnel Bowman Chrome rookie SFractr 04/250
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    Are you just looking for autos? I have an RG3 Chrome rc, I'm really interested in the Tyrod Taylor 8/10

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    What value card are you needing?
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    I would really like to keep the entire lot in tact and not break it out into single cards. this lot would be good for someone looking to make some money and break the cards down into mini lots or individual sales, you will def come out ahead.

    I think the fair trade value would be about $75-85$ for all of these cards.

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    if you have a card that is higher value, post it, I can add some other nice autos or gu to fill it out. What I would be seeking in reality is something near 100 in trade value, I can add to the lot if you had fave player or card brand. I have a lot.

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