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    Hundreds of TTM/IP Autos for sale/trade

    I am looking to get out of the ttm/ip auto hobby and would like to sell or trade what I have for certified autos or gu or colored refractors of certain guys. Link I am providing is to a spreadsheet of what I have including prices. Prices are negotiable on some guys. 90% of the autos are on 4x6 cutoms cards or photos. PM gets quicker responses. Thanks!

    P.S. Will provide pics if you are seriously interested otherwise the notes section of the spreadsheet tells you what you need to know about the card/auto.
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    I'll take Braun and I PMed you the list, thank you.
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    PM's responded to, thanks! And I'll also add that shipping will be $1.50 for first 3 then and additional $.50 per 3 more or so after that. They will be shipped 2-3 per toploader so they'll be well protected.

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    List updated with what I have left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gysot View Post
    What's the Ellsbury on?
    4x6 photo

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    any baseballs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by soc4yankees View Post
    any baseballs?
    No, sorry, just custom index cards and photos.

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    Lots of autos still available! Bulk purchases get discounts!

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