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Thread: Need opc retro 2011-12

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    Need opc retro 2011-12

    HI,pls help my to finish my OPC RETRO 2011-12,I need:

    1,5,10,19,27,31,40,46,48,92,128,175,181,205,213,22 9,231,235
    273,275,289,300,317,323,325,332,342,345,352,353,35 9,361,372
    381,428,441,445,447,454,484,489,490,493,500,506,50 7,510,515,522,525,
    530,531,534,545,549,554,556,558,559,566,567,568,57 4,576,601,602,604,606,

    i have doubles available,tkyou pm pls
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    CM thread over in the set building forum. Here's the link

    There's a few guys that are working on that particular set. Members such as BigStarrcards, BigMO1979, Zunato, and Grumpy might be able to help. The "set building" forum is no longer arrainged by year, so you may need to do a lot of searching around.

    Wants are in my sigg, thanks.
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