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Thread: 2012 Topps Magic

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    Quote Originally Posted by texastexanCC View Post
    That's what I though but was wondering if I missed something. Does this happen often?
    Honestly I wouldn't know, but that is the only excuse I can think of.

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    I opened almost 3 hobby boxes and 1 blaster, nothing spectacular auto wise, but I am putting the set together! Even with the Sps, its the nicest topps set all year! If you can get a box at 80-85, its a deal! We need more sets like topps heritage! I miss that they used to do topps heritage football! I love old school designs.
    Go Gators and Bears!
    I only collect Justin Blackmon and I guess I am getting in the SUPER collector range of Alshon Jeffery! Over 40 autos and rising!

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    I agree I have been more pleased with Topps Magic than any other NFL product released in recent years, and I have only purchased two blaster boxes.

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