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Thread: $100 Paypal for the best lot

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    $100 Paypal for the best lot

    Looking for the best Mark Scheifele lot, and other Winnipeg Jets (current Jets, can be wearing Thrashers jersey if they have to be), or from the Winnipeg Jets edition 1.0 ... have $100 paypal coming my way, looking for whatever I can get!

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    10-11 certified fabric of the game patch 4clr out of 25 of zach bogosian
    10-11 luxury suite rookie patch auto out of 190 of alexander burmistrov (2clr) 3 breaks
    11-12 series 1 young guns canvas scheifele
    all for 65$ shipped
    or 15$ for bogosian
    35$ for burmistrov
    20$ for scheifele

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    only have a couple lo-end Jets rooks from OPC and hava 09-10 BD Bogosian GU.
    But CM football list for Taiwan/Criner.
    Need , newer Lions /newer Red Wings Anthony Mantha/ Flickr account: Hidden Content

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    Byfuglien (all with Hawks except UD /100):
    Ovation RC
    UD Victory RC
    OPC Gold
    UD Victory Gold
    UD Exclusives /100

    Black Diamond Ruby /100 (INCOMING)
    UD YG RC
    UD Ice Fresh Threads JSY
    Ultra Gold Medallion
    UD Victory Game Breakers

    UD Victory RC

    Ladd (not pictured with ATL/WIN):
    UD Ice RC /2999
    UD JSY
    BAP Portraits JSY

    BAP Auto
    UD Champs Mini
    UD Victory RC
    Colector's Choice RC

    Wheeler (not with ATL/WIN):
    UD YG RC
    Collector's Choice Gold RC (I think, would need to double check)

    Pinnacle RC

    Black Diamond RC

    Ultra RC
    UD Victory RC

    Jokinen (with FLA):
    Titanium JSY /875

    Parkhurst RC

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    I don't have enough for the 100 dollar lot, but I do have this one that might interest you - from the update set, so that makes it a harder to find card:

    Asking 37, shipped.

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    Sent you a message. Please reply, so I can hopefully send out in Canada!

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    Will get back to everyone tomorrow...

    Quote Originally Posted by Gord93 View Post
    Sent you a message. Please reply, so I can hopefully send out in Canada!
    Thanks for the message ... I've already got the Criner and Jones, I have an SPX Schiefele auto-jersey as well and his Young Guns...

    Only ones I could use are the Prime Auto-Jersey, Pinnacle, and the two Klingbergs.

    I don't have access to the paypal for a few days either, so I will pass for now - thanks for the offer.

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    can you use the following ?

    75$ (shipping included) for all

    Hot Prospects Patch has a dinged corner at the back of the card (low left side)

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