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Thread: Photo copyright release form?

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    Photo copyright release form?

    Anyone ever been presented with a copyright release form by a walmart photo processor when printing an 8X10? A friend told me that he printed an 8X10 to have signed and had to sign a release before the store would sell him the print. I would assume other stores do something similar, but this was the first I've ever heard of it.

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    I have from Walgreens. I took my cousin's senior pictures and went to print them off and they said we need to get the release from the studio that took to sell them to me. I then told them that I took them and they were like wow, you need to copyright those because they were so good
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    i have also at walgreens. Way i understood is that if someone tried to sue me over the sports image i took off google/bing images they couldnt turn around & sue walgreens for printing it. Although some websites like Wikipedia consider some of there images "Public Domain" & thats not considered copyright infringement to use those. I believe the only true way someone would get into some series trouble would be a dealer, printing stacks of these & selling them & even then, would take some resources to investigate & prove.
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    I understand if someone went in and printed a bunch of photos like this at a time and was selling them, like you say. But good lord, one photo? I think that's a bit over the top.

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    A local Walmart would not even print some 8x10's for me saying that the pics were copyrighted. I went home and uploaded them to Walmart's website and got my pics a week later in the mail.
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    That's clever oxygen. I have always just done it locally at Walmart, Walgreens, etc. Never had a problem. I think I might start using adoramapix for this reason, but also because I heard their quality is much better and you can get the photos within a couple days. Anyone ever have any trouble with them?

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    its so hit or miss. at my costco most of the people see me coming and have my stuff out and rung up. but one chick always busts my chops about copyright. same at walgreens. one guy wont give me my photos w/o copyright proof. another guy asked me what kind of camera i have that gets these great pics.

    adorama is great. they never about copyright.

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    Walmart and Walgreens are half a notch above printing at home. Junk.

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    i should clear one thing up, now that i have signed 1 copyright deal for walgreens, they dont bat an eye anymore. They see my coming they have my stuff ready on the counter. Havent had a problem there in a long time.

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    I can't print anything locally. My Walmart and Walgreens both refuse to give me anything I print out. They require a copyright release from the photographer. I'm a bit confused by this law. I thought the law states that someone can't profit off of someone elses work, but if you sign a release and state it's for personal use, shouldn't it be okay? Either soup for me!

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