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    Option 1 is good with me.
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    I cleared out PMs, didn't realize it was full. Some nice stuff there!

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    Can't wait for the pictures and draft order video!

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    Pictures are on page 3, the list is on page 1 if you can't see the photos too well. Some nice stuff in there. Don pulled the one card I've been wanting to pick up out of the whole product. Couple nice SP Autos, Howe Limited Jersey, Probert Gold, and a nameplate to name a few.

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    Don, Sortguld forwarded me your message. Option 1 sounds good to me. Thanks, Paul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Portus10 View Post
    I am fine with either option. I prefer what ever gets us drafting the fastest though... so that would probably be option 1
    That what Sean said as well. If I get home tonight with a consensus will go that route whatever it be. just getting input from all in the break. It a killer case IMO with some nice redemption to boot with 3 first picks it even better.

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    Hi, all the pictures don't work for me?


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