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    My first tin of 11-12 The Cup!!!! 1/1 contained inside

    Hey guys, I've done a bunch of group breaks - but this is my first full, personal tin of 11-12 The Cup. Really happy with the pulls! Everything is available - looking to trade up or for Bruins for my PC. Not looking to trade down at all.

    Started off with a couple of base cards:

    ... then pulled my RPA. Not the most exciting player, but a great young defenseman and awesome patch:

    Even as a Bruins fan, I have to admit this is a beautiful patch of the bleu blanc rouge:

    But that patch isn't nearly as exciting as this one. Bummer that it's a redemption:

    ... and finally an awesome 1/1 rookie printing plate:

    The Cup is always such a roll of the dice, but I'm very happy with this tin!

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    You killed that tin! The Frattin should fetch a pretty penny as will the Broduer! Congrats!

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