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Thread: Awesome old photos!!!!!!!

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    Awesome old photos!!!!!!!

    The Boston Library has posted thousands of baseball photos to Flickr! These are awesome! I just added a few of the old timers that still sign mail to my photo collection from this group. Should you graph players from the Golden Age you must check this out! Enjoy the link:
    Hidden Content ~ best SCF feature ever!
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    Whoa! Those are all nice high resolution too. Great find Mike!

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    Wow... incredible find! Going to have to spend some time going through these and figure out who is still alive. Right off the bat, I saw Bobby Doerr in there. Any others you know off the top of your head indyreds?

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    These are awesome, I've been looking for a high res of Doerr so I'll have to go through these when I have time and find the ones of him unless someone knows already

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