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    High End For Trade - Brady Ring of Honor, Manning Score Rc Auto Buyback, Nice List...

    Hit the site with scans.

    Lots of high end stuff for trade. Let's make a deal.
    I go after HOF autos first and foremost, or really established vets who will be HOF'ers, I'm not looking for Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson cards. Good players but I want the established rock solid guys. Looking forward to trading.


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    It's nice. It's not a 10 but I don't grade cards so that means fairly little to me. I am working on getting a scanner my old one broke so those are just cell phone shots right now.

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    Price on brady
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    -BECKETT SUPER COLLECTOR JULY 2006 ISSUE#196+NOV 2008 ISSUE #220 i collect Ed Reed,Ravens,Baltimore Colts+ nice stuff
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    cmb for the Brady and Ruth, pm me if you see anything of interest.

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    ricky - if I'm selling it, I'm putting it on Ebay and letting someone over pay.

    ChiBears - Looking at like $200 cv on that one.

    cpk - Nice stuff man. I like the Montana/Young Ex dual auto, the Brady Auto SP Jersey, and the Aikman/Staubach dual possibly.

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    check me for the brady and manning please. thanks man.

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    deter - Why don't we just trade in person isn't that easier? if you're that hellbent on the Ruth I'll look through but you know we can always work something out

    Triple - Didn't see anything I liked enough for the Brady but I did like the Pujols auto patch card even though the condition looks a little rough. What's the value on that one?

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