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Thread: Age too young on SCF? Ugh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post

    I was lucky as I was a local marbles champion, and I cleaned kids out of many great cards from 1962-1968.
    Ah HA! The great Moose Jaw Marbler!

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    one more thing is that now, everyone is on their iphone, computer, ipad, etc. etc. its a generation where kids now, will use electronics for the rest of their i think having kids sign up for SCF is a good lets them embrace technology..because 30 years ago, kids couldn't trade online..i think its just a really great oppurtunoty for them to learn how to negotiate trades, or set their own price, because it lets them have a glimpse of what its like in the buisness world..they should take full advantage of also lets kids build their communication skills..because in the real world, when they find jobs, they'll have to put together emails, and letters, and SCF and any other trading site, lets them communicate better. Im a shy guy, so going to cardshows and negotiating trades is kinda uncomfortable, so SCF is a great way to build my colleciton IMO

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    Haggling is certainly not for everyone.

    When I tell my Son that I will probably leave a bunch of Mint Condition OPC and Topps Checklists for him from the 70's and 80's so that when he's 50, he will have some decent cash, he just looks at me like I am insane. He's a Techno Geek, and made his first Stop-Motion video 5 years ago when he was 7.

    He is absorbed 24/7 into the Black Hole of the computing World, and has little time for anything else.

    It's sad really because he has a blast in the outdoors when I can get him there, but Technology has him brain-washed.

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    This really makes me think. I am still a teenager but I am in love
    with the hobby. I have been on this site for about 5 months and have
    made about 100 deals including selling. I sell, trade and buy. I have
    not had any problems, or if there have been tiny ones such as damaged
    cards, I send free ones over.
    My parents are aware that I use this site, in fact I tell them about
    some good sales or trades I make.
    This has been a huge asset to me collection and without it, I wouldn't
    be so happy. It is a great way to take a step into the real world of
    business in a certain way. Yes, there are irresponsible people who
    join this site but they could be 50 years old. Restricting people by
    age does not seem necessary to me, it's not about how old you are, it
    is about how you work with the hobby and others.
    I think that me being a teenager is new to multiple people. People may
    think I'm thirty, some people may be able to tell I am a teenager. It doesn't really matter.

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    I'm 29 right now but I started doing deals online when I was 14. I used the old Beckett buy/sell/trade page and did hundreds of deals. I'm thankful that I had parents that would ship all of his stuff for me. Additionally I would ride my bike up to the lcs all the time and just hang out there and do trades with just about anyone. When I look back on it now, my mom shelled out a lot on the hobby for me. However she did it because I stayed out of trouble and she rewarded me for it. PayPal and eBay weren't around then so everything was trading. When I did buy or sell at that age it was with a money order. I will always remember the time an "adult" stole a $150 Kurt Warner autograph from me at Beckett. I think the thing that worries people most today is the fact that its so easy to just get on PayPal and falsify information and whatnot.

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    I personally think that it's a matter of how mature and reliable you are as a person. I've met many 14-year-olds who were much more mature and professional than most adults, so it's really about your personality and the way you view the hobby. I'm 17 and I have no problems dealing with others; I have no negative or neutral feedback and I enjoy the hobby as much as any adult, if not more.


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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewconnors9 View Post
    Dunno if anyone else has problems with young members but most recent was within last few days made a deal which included me sending a titanium RNH auto and titanium triple jersey with nuge on it for bobby Orr artifacts. We make the deal, I let two other ppl on SCF know it's gone and another two in person that were interested. Tells me to post the deal then two days later rejects and says "my dad wouldn't let me"......

    People take this stuff professionally and just seems like maybe the age here is too young? I dunno, what's your guys thoughts
    When my brother was 10 he went with a friend and his friends uncle to a card shop, bought a pack of hockey cards, the friends uncle than traded him 2 older baseball cards for the entire pack. What was in the pack? I have no idea, my dad was furious because he received two older (80's?) baseball cards that had some pretty heavy wear, my dad dosn't know hockey but that sure didn't seem like a good deal to him, Maybe the dad dosn't know who RNH is, but even someone with limited hockey knowledge would know who Bobby Orr is.

    As for trades with younger traders, there have only been a few occasions where I've even known the trader was young, one kid tried trading me "3 awesome PK Subban cards" for an Eberle young gun, but never told me what the cards actually were. For the most part I've been pretty impressed by the maturity shown by the traders on this site.

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    most of us started as a kid collecting so all under 18 are part of the hobby and have their place here. Like any other trader they have to play by the same rules. I work on dispute and adult cause more issue then adolecent. So like many mentioned some are bad but most do well and they are the future of this hobby. Also it would be impossible to enforce a age limit. Much easier to deal with the bad apple and ban them if they don't play by the book of our rules. The only real issue I have had was more on trying to land a deal. Often what I do is to say I will pass if I do not like how the deal conversation turn out. But most of the time the deal will happen with no issue.
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