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    Looking for a mid-high end lot - 100-120 to spend

    Looking to buy a lot of mid-high end cards, not checking buckets or lists, just post cards with prices, looking for hofers, aj green, dalton, julio jones, demariyus thomas, alshon jeffery, brees, cam newton, russell wilson,doug martin, trent richardson and many more. no single colors, looking for sick patches or autos.

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    How about this for $100. The Martin has a slight ding, which is viewable on the photo

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    sorry, I actually have the d thomas (or I would like that one), and really dont want to pick up stuff with dings. how is the upper left corner of the sapp and bottom right corner of the richardson, they look a little worn, or is it the scan, what are they all numbered to.

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    What about swapping out the Martin and Thomas with the AJ Green (20/20) and LC Greenwood below (#ed/15) and bumping the lot to $110?. The Sapp is completely clean, the Richardson does have a tiny fleck of white on two corners now that I take it out of the top loaded, but light for inception. I have an inception Martin patch (below) I could swap for it as well.

    The Blackmon is #ed /15
    TRich AU /80
    Inception patches /218
    Sapp /25

    Martin if you want to swap for the TRich

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    sorry, my computer has been taking a dump lately , I didnt know you responded until this morning, I meant the bottom left corner of the richardson helmet auto, wasnt so worried about the inception patch.

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    Hey buddy I got a few you are looking for

    Demaryius Thomas Auto 4/25

    AJ Green Auto 5/10

    T Rich Game Used This link is of some other stuff you may be interested in LMK, PM works the best if interested. Thanks

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    interest depends on price, also like trent gu auto, d martin gu auto, and dalton finest gu auto.

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