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    Buying! High End Jets, Skins, Hornung & Starr + More!!!

    Hey guys, looking to add to the pc, have about 100 bucks let me know whatcha got, thanks! Here is my list of what im looking for...

    Higher End New York Jets
    Washington Redskins (please do not spam this thread with rg3 auto's unless they are under 100)
    Paul Hornung & Bart Starr
    Higher End New York Giants
    Higher End NY Mets & Yanks
    Higher End Nets & Knicks

    lmk, thanks!

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    Yea, thanks for the post, but looking for a lot better things right now. have never been a fan of printing plates either unless they are auto'd. thanks though.

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    I have a nice Sanchez 2 color patch auto #4/5 in my bucket. Take a look if interested
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    this rg3 for 100

    i also have these that you may like

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    PM's have been sent to the above people..

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    I have a dual horning/laettner auto bv 100 in my bucket if interested. Looking for 50. Also have a few skins.
    Collecting patches and autos of Buckeyes, SF Giants, Kevin Randleman and Mark Coleman items....
    Check the bucket for trades.....
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