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    Stump the Schwabs NFL Pick'Em Edition! Open for Entry!

    Guys and Gals, we're gonna try something new this year that will be fun and exciting. We're calling it the.......

    Our contest and prizes are sponsored by

    Here is how it works...

    You will join a Yahoo! NFL Pick'Em league in which you will pick the winners of all NFL games for each week of the NFL regular season. In this league you will be competing against other members, but more importantly, you will be ultimately competing against the SCF NFL Schwabs, the Football Staffers! WVColtsfan, Trains, myself, and all the others will collaborate each week to make our best pick set which we will play under the pseudonym "SCF Football Schwabs." Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to do the following...

    1. Go to and click on "Join Group." Enter our Group ID#: 11654 and our password: scf

    2. Create a pick set. Your pick set MUST be your SCF user name in order to be eligible to receive any points!

    3. Each week of the NFL season, submit your picks for the winners of each NFL game.

    4. For each game you pick BETTER than the Schwabs, you'll get a point.
    For instance, in Week 1, if the Schwabs pick 10 games right but you pick 15 games right, you get 5 points because you got 5 more right than we did. If you TIE with the SCF Schwabs, you will receive no points. You only get points if you do BETTER than us! Make sense?

    5. You can join at any point during the year. It will remain open for all who wish to join.

    There is only one scoring rule. For each game that you pick BETTER than the SCF Schwabs, you get a point. See example above for what I mean. Your points will accumulate each week. At the end of the regular season, whatever member has gained the most points throughout the year will be our winner!

    There are two segments to this contest: A Year Long Segment and 4 four-week segments. The year-long segment calculates your points from weeks 1-17. The 4 four-week segments offer prizes to the members who score the most points during weeks 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, and 13-17.

    Year Long Prizes (For the members who end up 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Overall weeks 1-17)
    1st Place - 2012 Press Pass Fanfare Brandon Weeden Red Auto #/199
    2nd Place - 2011 Bowman Sterling Adrian Clayborn Auto
    3rd Place - 2011 Topps Platinum Vincent Brown Auto #/1000

    4-Week Segment Prizes (For the members who score the most points within the given weeks)
    1st Segment (Weeks 1-4) - 2011 Topps Precision Taiwan Jones Jersey/Auto
    2nd Segment (Weeks 5-8) - 2011 Tristar Obak Mike Rozier Auto #/50
    3rd Segment (Weeks 9-12) - 2012 Press Pass Fanfare AJ Jenkins Auto
    4th Segment (Weeks 13-17) - 2012 Press Pass Fanfare Gerrell Robinson Auto

    Schwabs Current Win Totals: 38

    1st Segment (Weeks 1-4) Leaderboard
    1. BigBaller23
    2. rymflaherty
    3. driddle4

    2nd Segment (Weeks 5-8) Leaderboard

    3rd Segment (Weeks 9-12) Leaderboard

    4th Segment (Weeks 13-17) Leaderboard

    1st Segment (Weeks 1-4) - 2011 Topps Precision Taiwan Jones Jersey/Auto - BigBaller23
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    Open for entry. Get your picks in!


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    Looks fun! Im in.
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    Come on guys and gals! Get your pics in! I will be sponsoring more contests in the future as well!

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    I'm in. Love the NFL contests!
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    Are your picks in?

    Rickey Henderson stats. 1904/7042 = 27.71% 169 GU, 7 Auto
    Sean Casey stats. 1103/2672 = 41.28% 120 GU, 56 AutoHidden Content
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    So do we have to make all the picks for every game of the season prior to the season starting? Or can we make them each week?

    Thanks for the contest this should be lot of fun!
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