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    Tons of stuff FS! Take a Look!!!

    Hey guys, kinda been off the boards lately and I'm looking to get rid of some stuff. Take a look at my bucket and lmk if there is anything that catches your eye, there is something in there for everyone!

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    How much are you looking for on the Platinum Christian Auto Relic BLUE /99?

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    How much for the CM Punk Platinum autograph, and the CM Punk, The Miz, Rey Mysterio Platinum triple relic?

    -Robert Lewis
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    Like the Owen hart auto and the cena 08 auto

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    Im interested in your 2012 leaf original autos especially the vader and abdullah if they are #/99. Also the all access dual relics of the dudleys, taker/kane, and rock/foley. Lmk what your looking for on them thanks.

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    Can you PM me prices on these:
    Piper autograph
    Sting - Cross the Line
    Road Warrior auto

    Thanks - fdgowin

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    Hey Guys sorry I was not clear in the original post the only cards we are moving right now are the ones in the FS folder. Thanks

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    Ok cool, the leaf autos are in that section so when you get a chance lmk thanks.

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    How much for the two triple relics with the Miz on them? LMK. Thanks.


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