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    WTTF Ryan '04 Leaf Exhibits & '05 Leaf Sportscasters!

    I'm new here, but I see a lot of familiar names...I'm looking to trade for any and all Nolan Ryan 2004 Leaf Exhibits and 2005 Leaf Sportscasters. I need most of them! PLMK what you have and what you're looking for in trade, or check my site. Thanks in advance for any help!!! JOSH

    NOTE: I will also trade for any and all Ryan's I need, outside of the two sets listed above...

  2. Kronozio
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    I need these Vlads from you -

    Vladimir Guerrero 2001 Topps Golden Moments GA26
    Vladimir Guerrero 2001 Topps A Look Ahead LA1 $1.50
    Vladimir Guerrero 2001 Ultra Tomorrow's Legends 8 $1.25
    Vladimir Guerrero 2001 Upper Deck MVP Drawing Power DP2 $2.50
    Vladimir Guerrero 2003 Bowman 70
    Vladimir Guerrero 2003 Fleer Box Score Classic Miniatures 16 $4.00
    Vladimir Guerrero 2005 Classic Clippings 2
    Vladimir Guerrero 2005 Leaf Certified Materials Skills 25

    and i think i need

    Vladimir Guerrero 2003 Topps 205 Polar Bear 15 $2.50

    I have this:
    2004 Leaf Exhibits 1939-46 Truly Yours Right Nolan Ryan Rangers BV $12

    LMK if you need it, and what you'd trade for it.


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    andrewcstein - Will you throw in these two Bonds HR History cards with the Ryan for all the Vlad's you listed? It would be a few $'s in your favor, but I don't mind that. PLMK. Thanks, JOSH
    Ryan Exhibits
    2005 Topps Home Run History #390
    2005 Topps Home Run History #524

    FOR All the Vlad's

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    crap, I traded the bonds and forgot to update my site.
    I might have a couple ryans at home, but probably nothing more than normal base, that you already have.
    I can check and let you know, and if I don't have anything, then you can take off whatever Vlads you want, I don't know BVs on the rest of them.

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    Hey, no problem. Just throw this is and it will work:
    2002 Topps Gold Label Hank Blalock Class 1 Gold 85 #114/500

    Post it up and i'll put the Vlads in the mail. I've already got them packed up. Thanks for the trade. JOSH

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