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    Question Best player to never win an NBA championship?

    Who do you think is the best player to have never won an NBA championship? For this discussion we will be excluding current players since they can still win one.
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    Pete Maravich. If he could have held on for one more year he would have been the scorer off the bench for the C's 81 championship run. After Pistol Pete I then think of Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley and I don't know enough about Elgin Baylor to truly comment.

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    I think Karl Malone and Reggie Miller are up there at their respected positions.

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    Karl Malone and John Stockton for me. Ewing, and Barkley are not far behind them.

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    barkley completely forgot about him. I change mine from ewing to barkley

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    Ewing and Miller keep popping up and while they were both amongst my favourite players growing up, this came to mind;

    If you were never considered the best in the league when you were playing (ie no MVPs) can you be considered the best to never win a championship once you've retired?

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    My top five in no order. Ewing,Barkley,Pistol Pete,Malone and Stockton.

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