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    The Flyer Fans are coming out of the woodwork in support of Baby Lindros, yet only the Flyer Fans, odd that he is only great among them, and very few others.

    Open the other eye fellas.

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    Are ravens creed and mooneyes Flyers fans? Didn't think they grew them in Canada.
    Was he a baby when he refused to play for the Soo, then Quebec, then sat out a year? yes.
    Was he dirty? Hell yes.
    But was he, for a time in the mid-90s, the best player in the game? Yes.

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    Life long Bruins fan, hate the Flyers, what I am not a fan of is people who are so self righteous that they think their OPINION is gospel as many other on this site have pointed out about centerhice. You ask people's opinion and expect the whole world to agree with you? Than why even ask? And talk about the pot calling the kettle black, rose wing-ed glasses, Datsyuk is definitively the best player in the NHL over the last 5 years?, laughable...Hockey isn't figure skating, no points awarded for style, sure he makes some CUTE plays, but not even close to being the clear cut best. I would even vote Lidstrom as more valuable.
    As for Lindros, I agree with jmatch that he had a good run, but overall no one could dominate like 99 and 66.
    Than again, when it comes to winning Stanley Cups, as much as I despise the guy, Patrick Roy pretty much single handedly won the Canadiens their last cup. As Don Cherry said, when he was on, "you couldn't get a pea by the guy"
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    I hope nobody mistakes me for a Flyer fan. I am not nor will I ever be. Like him or not , the guy could play hockey

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    Quote Originally Posted by collectorthornton View Post
    lindros is a poor mans lucic with less skills and a cheapness with him that everyone hated.
    Too much mushrooms perhaps?


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    My opinion is short and sweet Lindros=OVER RATED.
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    Overrated, maybe. But still good enough to warrant a good rating.

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    Lindros was an amazingly talented and dominate player but no way is he the most dominate ever! I will argue Mario Lemieux was a more dominate player than Wayne Gretzky but Lindros probably doesn't make my top 20 dominate players to ever play in the NHL. If he could have played longer and wasn't injured he likely would have been top 10 or even top 5. I was never a Lindros fan and surprised the Leafs signed him. Basically he was always hurt and never played a full 82 game season once in his career.

    I agree with centreice about the HOF and the players listed that should not be HOFers! Lindros played a career total of 760 games with 865 points. Hardly the most dominant player of all time. He had 1 season over 100 points in his career and the most goals he ever scored was 47 in the season he got 115 points. To be dominant you have to have longevity like Jaromir Jagr or Wayne Gretzky or Steve Yzerman or Mario Lemieux.

    In the year, 1995/96, that Lindros scored 115 points and 47 goals (which were his career bests) in 73 games Mario Lemieux scored 69 goals and 161 points in 70 games! Sorry but this argument is just pointless as the stats just aren't there to support it.

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    LOL. I guess the chronic isn't good in just B.C.

    Lucic ain't even at Lindros' level. Lindros was quite dominant during his time. But during his prime years, I rather take Lemieux, Forsberg and Jagr.

    Quote Originally Posted by collectorthornton View Post
    lindros is a poor mans lucic with less skills and a cheapness with him that everyone hated.
    Last edited by Ray33; 02-14-2013 at 03:03 AM.
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