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    Was Eric Lindros the most dominating player ever?

    At first, it's an easy no. Wayne Gretzky could take over games. So could Mario, and Orr. But what I'm asking is not was he the most skilled player ever.
    What I'm asking is, was there ever a player that just absolutely dominated (when healthy) the entire NHL the way Lindros did? He was bigger and stronger that every other player. Guys would line him up and he'd be like a brick wall and they'd go down.
    He was probably the dirtiest player ever as well (maybe Bobby Clarke and Claude Lemieux were dirtier). Kicking skates out, leading with his fists/helmet to hit guys. Just doling out massive amounts of punishment.
    Also, his size/strength also combined to his outstanding physical talents. He had an unbelievably quick release, was a top-notch passer, and could pick a corner as good as anyone not named Bossy. When he left Philadelphia, I think only Gretzky and Lemieux had higher PPG marks.
    Of course, it ended sadly for him. The first Barnaby hit, the collpased lung on the Bob Boughner hit, and finally, the Stevens hit. He was never the same player after. But, for the 8 years from 92/93 to 99/00, he was able to play in a way that I've never seen duplicated. If you attacked him physically, he would beat you with his skill. If you tried to play him skillfully, he would run through you.
    Again, guys like Gretzky, Lemieux, and Orr were players who could dominate games with their amazing talents. But was there anyone out there who could dominate a game so well and in as many different ways as Eric Lindros?

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    detroit native here who was very in tune with nhl/chl hockey in the late 80s to present and Lindros garnered so much attention because of his refusal to report to Quebec, his meddling family- how do i still remember Carl? in addition to his unique combination of size and skill. He was a dominant player for 7-8 years and then he floated away...bounced from several teams
    I like Milan Lucic, despite his shortcomings, but Lucic would be lucky to generate a 75-80 pt season surrounded by his stud laden teammates- far short of what Lindros accomplished.

    Just like the MLB HOF, the NHL HOF put Cam Neely in the HOF because he was a dynamic stud hockey player that nearly EVERYONE loved for a 6-8 yr span. Injuries, not drug use made him leave the game. His legendary status has lived on as a Bruins front office exce, been in numorous movies, been in music videos (Extreme- "Hole Hearted")- still has a perfect image to this day, his legendary status of an awesome player- THAT is why he is in the HOF.

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    I would say Eric Lindros had years which one could argue he was the most dominant player in the NHL as a complete package. The Legion of Doom line was awesome and I loved watching him play his way to the Stanley Cup against the Wings. As they beat some other team which had marquee players from the Rangers to Pittsburgh. Of course when they reached the Wings they controlled the series and won in 4. I do not think they would have done that if they had not been swept by Devils the previous year so it was a sweet revenge. At his only time to truly shine he wilted and his coach even referred to the Choking.

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    Maurice Richard, hands down!
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    Never won a cup never scored 50 goals
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    Lindros was cool until Scott Stevens knocked the ever living crap out of him....As a Philly native and Flyers fan since living here in 1992... He was never the same after that... Then came further concussions and his God awful old man/agent... Heck of a player but came with a lot of hype surrounding him... Eric Lindros was made in Philly by a guy named John LeClair... at least offensively... As far as the toughest guy to ever wear orange and black... Its a 3 way tie... Dave Schultz is my #1, followed by Dave Brown and Current Assistant coach Craig Berube... As far as best fighter of all time... I'd take Bobby Probert in his heyday or John Ferguson...

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    LOL typical Flyers fan, no one's talking about fighters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsokol1626 View Post
    LOL typical Flyers fan, no one's talking about fighters.

    Read previous posts... Many mentioned toughest as well..

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    This thread needs to close. We've wasted enough time on this journeyman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    This thread needs to close. We've wasted enough time on this journeyman.
    You mean like Datsyuk?

    Lindros: GP 760 G 372 PTS 865 +215
    Datsyuk: GP 747 G 248 PTS 736 +216

    Datsyuk is almost as good as said journeyman...almost.
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