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    USPS bad luck story turned good

    I had pulled a Andrew Luck Shadowbox auto numbered 7/15 out of Strata awhile back, and got a good price for it on ebay. I printed the label off paypal with signature confirmation, and dropped it in the blue box outside our PO. Well since Jan 23, the package was never scanned anywhere. The buyer waited 2 weeks for the card, which never showed up, and I refunded his money. Today, I get a call from a business in Omaha that does alot of shipping, and they receive empty mail bags from USPS to fill and send back to the PO. Well, they found my package in the bottom of one of these thought to be empty bags, and called me about it. They are sending the package back to me today!! I have contacted the buyer on ebay, and he still wants the card and at the same price he paid before!! I am so glad that employee in Omaha found my package. Don't know why or how it took that long to find, and that a USPS employee didn't find it, but at least it is found.

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    Thats awesome.

    Would have really sucked to be out the money and the card on a high end luck auto.


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    great story. That is some extreme Luck HAR HAR. nah seriously good story :)

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    Great story, glad to hear everything worked out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meandsharon11 View Post
    how did they get your phone #?
    They looked it up in the phonebook.

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    WOW that is a great ending! It gives me hope that the post office or someone can find the 100- 9 pocket pages i ordered can be found and i am not out of my money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bronco30_99 View Post
    They looked it up in the phonebook.
    They still make phone books?!?!!?!?! THAT'S the most unbelievable part of this whole story. Phone books, pffffft.


    Congrats on finding it AND the ebayer still willing to pay and play!

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