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    Matt Hasselbeck /25 SICK 4clr Playbook Mammoth Patch FT...

    I would like to trade for one of these guys. rookies only. d martin,cam,rg3,rwilson,luck,tyrod taylor,m lynch.

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    why don't my photos post in the thread, only the link to the photo?

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    He doesnt suck that bad. he is just a backup qb for a smaller market team. You arent going to get any of those guys you are looking for for it. Not in a one card trade anyway... I could use it for my Titans pc. Check my bucket. i have tons of stuff in there. im sure you can find something. lmk

    Here is a Link to my Photobucket PC and trade stuff. Hidden Content

    Here is the link to my set Needs List.
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