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    GU Hagerstown Suns helmet project

    Hi, I recently acquired a GU helmet from the Hagerstown Suns when they were affiliated with the Mets in 05-06. I've never had to deal with anything this big before, and I was wondering how I should go by getting this signed. I thought about bringing this to some Ind. league games because many of the players play in some of the leagues that I go to games. I also wanted to bring it to some MLB games, but I don't know the policy of stadiums with large objects like a helmet since I've only had to deal with items like cards/balls. Any help would be really appreciated because this is the first GU helmet I've ever bought.

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    You could always wear the helmet to get it into the game. I've seen it done before.

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    Vladfan27, that's a great idea, but I have a fat head and tried to fit on the helmet and didn't work. The guy who wore the helmet, Derren watts was small so that's probably why it dosent fit

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    I don't see why they wouldn't let you just carry it in, I can't imagine it would be too large. If not, put it in a drawstring bag. I bring one of those kind of bags to every game I go to and never have not been let in. Good luck! If you go for the pitchers too, chances are you will get a buddy of mine from HS.

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    Yeah Autofreak2842, I usually have one too for cards or baseballs. Maybe I could fit it in there

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