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    Post First look: 2013 Press Pass Football

    Press Pass kicks off its football schedule on March 20 with 2013 Press Pass Football, featuring six five-card packs with an autograph in every pack. Press Pass signed nearly 70 potential draft picks with players such as Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Manti Te’o and Marcus Lattimore.

    Press Pass Signings will contain four parallels: Gold (numbered to 199 or less), Bronze (#’d to 99 or less), Blue (#’d to 50, hobby only) and Silver.

    Inserts include Playmakers with some of the best college athletes entering the 2013 Draft, and Power Picks featuring the top products. Power Picks will also have autographed versions.

    The base set contains 50 cards with Gold, Holofoil (numbered to 299), Proof Edition (numbered to 100, hobby only) and Solos (1-of-1, hobby only).

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    Geno Smith is going to sign things with "Eugene?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by rchurchward View Post
    Geno Smith is going to sign things with "Eugene?"
    Haha, it would be nice to see him sign a full name, but I won't believe it till I see it.

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    the top card would be nice if the white part where the signature is at was a jersey and was signed on jersey. but then they would have to raise the price of boxes by $20 a box lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by rchurchward View Post
    Geno Smith is going to sign things with "Eugene?"
    i'm a little surprised, too...but if he started signing autos with his entire name (like, at the WVU Blue & Gold games while he was Freshman thru Senior); I'm glad he isn't switching it.
    I hate it when players switch autographs from college to pros...then their old ones look fake.
    (I've seen a few players change their sig...i guess they hate signing their full name on the thousands and thousands of cards, so they get lazy...or just switch for who-knows-what reason)

    anyways, he started out at WVU with "Eu. SMITH" on his nameplate on his jersey.
    I guess after a few years of Geno, that stuck and the nameplate went to "G. SMITH"

    but I'm sure he likes his full name
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    Press pass is pretty lame. They do not have a license so the helmets are just blank. It is hard to believe people pay money for this stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by rchurchward View Post
    Geno Smith is going to sign things with "Eugene?"
    His autos in Leaf are signed Eugene as well.

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    Did they change it so that Bronze are more rare than Gold AUTOs? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it usually the other way around? Golds are numbered less than Bronze?
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    I loved the look of that card, so I picked up that Geno Smith auto :)
    Got the version #/99

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