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    Marino and Fouts,Barry Sanders a close second
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    Rick Mirer...

    And on the lighter side: Dan Marino and Barry Sanders. I think back in the summer of 1993 there was a rumor going around that Dan Marino wanted to be traded and the team he wanted to go to was the Los Angeles Raiders. Could you imagine the damage he could have done in the air (and to the records) with that corps of Brown, Gault, Ismail, and Jett?

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    I'm suprised I'm the only one who suggested Tomlinson.
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    James Lofton

    764 catches, 14,004 yards, 18.5 AVG, 80 TD. 8 time Pro Bowler, Hall of Famer.

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    Also, Eric Dickerson belongs on this list. In fact, I'd probably put Marino and Sanders ahead of him alone.

    Between 1983 and 1989, Dickerson had 2,450 carries for 11,226 yards and 82 TD. He didn't play in 7 games during that span. That's 6.56 seasons. He averaged 1,711 yards per 16 games. That's just mind boggling.

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    One person who could have been great but was cut down due to a hip was Bo Jackson. He was an absolute monster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black3000gt View Post
    Barry sanders hands down the best rb ever
    I completely disagree. Great running back? Yes. Top five all-time running backs? The case can be made for Sanders. But "hands down the best ever?" Ah, no.

    He belongs in the discussion. But Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Eric Dickerson, OJ Simpson, Earl Campbell and Bo Jackson were every bit as great as Sanders.

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    Barry Sanders. It's just a travesty that the Lions wouldn't let him go to another team where he could have had a better chance of winning a title, than forcing him no choice but to retire at an earlier age.
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