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    Question What is the first pack or box of hockey cards that you can remember opening?

    What is the first pack or box of hockey cards that you can remember opening? For some this might be harder than others to answer so that's why I ask what one you have the first memory of opening.
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    The first pack of cards I can remember opening is I believe 92-93 Fleer Ultra. The first box of cards I can remember opening though is 95-96 Topps, which was probably one of the most exciting things ever. I remember pulling a Marquee Men Power Boosters of Ed Belfour. I thought it was the greatest thing because it was so shiny LOL.

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    The first pack I remember buying for myself would have been 01-02 Pacific from 7/11 and pulling a Zhamnov Jersey. Im pretty sure my dad used to buy me packs of McDonald's too. The first box I ever opened was also a gift from my dad, which was a box of 01-02 Titanium Draft Edition he won from our local rotary auction. It was pretty awesome seeing as I pulled the Kovalchuk Trifecta: Jersey, RC and Auto RC. Needless to say that pretty much got me hooked at the time

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    I don't remember my first pack specifically. My dad had some proset sets (who didn't in the 90's) and those were my first cards I guess. My first major pull actually came from a video game. NHL 2002 came out with a promo where you got a card. I pulled a Mario Lemieux Gold Variation. When I was younger I just assumed everyone got the same card, and I threw it in a shoebox. Several years later I realized that it was actually very rare, and several collectors asked me for it for their PC's, i still have the card though. My first box was 2001-02 Pacific. Had a case hit with a Nabokov auto, I nearly wet my pants with excitement lol I miss those days
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    1959-60 Parkhurst.

    Cards were destroyed within 5 days. Lol.

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    Late 80's OPC, probably 87-88 or 88-89 would have been the earliest that I really recall.
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    i remember opening 90-91 score by the box, it was so much better than proset
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    I remember opening packs of 1971-72 O Pee Chee Hockey, I also remember opening a box of 1971 or 1972 O Pee Chee CFL football with my older brother.

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    86-87 o-pee-chee really really wanted a Patrick Roy rookie, after they won thecp the preevious spring
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