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    1977 OPC baseball!! And Gary Carter was the first one I saw.

    My first Hockey was 78-79 OPC..... Now if I could only find that box where I put those cards, I would have a Bossy Rookie to work with!

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    1998-99 UD Series 1. I remember pulling a Selanne Lord Stanley's Heroes insert and thinking it was way cooler than any of the vintage stuff I saw in the shop. After that, I discovered eBay, built the set, and it's been downhill (and expensive!) from there.

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    The first pack of hockey I ever opened was 1990-91 Pro Set. Whichever one had those scratch off hockey puck contest cards inserted in every pack. As a kid I was actually more interested in the scratch off thing than the hockey cards since it was kinda like those scratch lottery tickets.
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    1991/92 OPC that my mom had bought me.
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    The first packs I remember opening were those Esso cards from the late 80's, after that it was all pro set. The first hockey cards I remember buying at the card shop (and not a gas station) were 93-94 score, I've still got them and am actually trying to pick up a couple of inserts I need.

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    My first packs were of 91-92 Upper Deck... I remember the feel of the shop where I opened them, I swear I even remember the smell of the cards. I also got realllllly excited since I thought I had pulled a Patrick Roy card... However, I had only seen the first name, and it was Patrick Poulin o_O

    The full box was one of those 91-92 Pro Set boxes that you could find at Zellers (and everywhere else really...). I was sooo thrilled to pull a Pat Falloon...

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    First pack was 87-88 i remember that only because i have seen a picture of me using the cards as a roof to one of my lincoln(sp.) log houses. First box was leaf 93-94? I remember that i treated the inserts like they were gold. I had them in sleeves and displayed standing up right in front our fireplace. Which happened to be next to the large family fishtank. To this day im not sure if it was my brother or sister but all five or so of them were in the bottom of the fish tank within a week of opening that box. I still have the painted warrior Roy some where...water damage and all lol. good ole days:)

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    I think mine was 1991-92 OPC. That big stupid set haha

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    The first packs I can remember opening are 88-89 OPC, hard as a rock gum and real wax packs.

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