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    Which of these 'buckets' do you prefer?

    I'm exploring a new online photo management system.If you decided to go through my 'bucket', which do you prefer to look through?


    - I'm not sure, but I think you can use the search function to look through this bucket.



    Comments welcome. Especially if you have having technical issues with either.


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    fototime looks nice
    how much uploads can you do, whats is the storage in MB

    also how hard or easy was it to uplaod the cards to the site

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    HATE THE BUCKET!! But I'm 8000+ cards in now, there's no going back :(

    Fototime looked good from my 10 second visit to your link...............
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTGB View Post
    Go with Picasa!
    Thank you for the suggestions, but when I tried Picasa, it didn't allow me to use a hierarchical structure for photo organization. All my folders had to be in the main page and I have 46 folders. That would make navigation a nightmare

    Quote Originally Posted by 09232003 View Post
    fototime looks nice
    how much uploads can you do, whats is the storage in MB

    also how hard or easy was it to uplaod the cards to the site
    I have 500 MB of storage. Right now I've uploaded 685 pictures and they take up 100 MB of space. Although that all really depends on what type of resolution you use, etc etc.

    Just like photobucket you can use the web browser to specify images from your hard drive. You can also e-mail them or use a cell phone. I'm not familiar with other photobucket features, but on the fototime website I also see options for 'iphone, Eye-Fi and Gallery'. However, the way I'm using is something called "FotoAlbum".

    Foto album is the fototime PC software for organizing images. So far I've used it to create the folder structure, organize my images and sync all images from my PC to the album in one sitting. I'm still exploring the features, but I picked fototime to try out because of the sync feature. My only complaint is that "Fotoalbum" is not intuitive to use. It defaults to sorting images by creation date, shows images in all subfolders when viewing the main folder and its manual is nearly 100 pages of text with very poor descriptions. However, after some searching and trial and error, I've found that I can sort by filename (which is my preference) and that I can filter images based on if I've already published them (so I work from my deepest nested sub folder outwards). My present concern is that when you download the software it comes 30 days free trial for their "pay version". The free version is supposed to be able to do everything I want, but since it won't let me bypass the free trial, I won't know until a month from now if I'll be forced to switch back to photobucket.


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    I don't like the new photo bucket as it only shows the top half of the card until you click on it. When you have to go through somebody's bucket that has 15-30 pages, that is a complete waste of everyone's time.

    There's no rhyme nor reason to the legend, side banner that controls things. If you are new to photo bucket, you'd never give one thought to clicking on that skinny little access legend to the left, you'd just assume that the person's Library was empty.

    The nice thing about the new photo bucket is that the Re-Size editing works like a charm. I reduce everything to 280 and it nicely fits onto SCF pages without taking up all the thread space.

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    I really like the hierarchical nature of Fototime, makes me think about moving my bucket over there.
    Awesome discovery, thanks for sharing it!!!
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