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Thread: Up to $100 for Vanek

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    Up to $100 for Vanek

    Not looking to spend quite that much but im open to it for the right piece. I havent been buying much lately so I thought id treat myself. Post her or PM me with pics if possible. Come with some beauties

    "I myself dabbled in pacifism once..not in 'Nam of course" -Walter Sobchak
    Looking for: Ennis, Eichel, Reinhart, O'reilly

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    Got those :

    2007-08 OPC Premier Autographed Premier Stitchings #APSTV Thomas Vanek (24/50) BV 40.00$

    2011-12 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Gold #AFTV1 Thomas Vanek A C BV 8.00$
    2007-08 Upper Deck Stars In The Making #SM4 Thomas Vanek BV 2.00$
    2009-10 Upper Deck Top Guns #TG6 Thomas Vanek BV 1.50$

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