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    250,000-500,000 civilian deaths in Vietnam, 2,500,000 civilian deaths in Korean war, and some say 1,500,000 children died in WW2 (no official count exists)

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    Killing terrorists is a dirty business. Civilians die. What is the alternative to drone strikes? You want to lay blame, lay it at the feet of the terrorists hiding like cowards among civilian populations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickabee View Post
    "Innocent until proven guilty\' isn't always true. It's really "innocent until proven guilty or, if you're a threat, shot.
    Remember the dude who shot his boss at the Empire State building. He was chased down and shot dead, with 9 casualties left in the wake. He was considered a threat, so no one said two words about that. I don't even remember anyone but me even going so far as to say NYPD needs better target practice.

    But you're saying this is wrong. That guy didn't get a trial because he was considered a threat. A threat to whom? No one knew, but they knew he was enough of a threat to someone to shoot him dead, and the nine wounded innocents are just the price to pay for justice.
    In this case you have people who are a bigger threat to a specific group; all Americans. Their threat isn't limited to a gun, grenade or bomb like the Empire shooter, their threat goes much deeper and the effects last much longer. They don't just take lives, they take minds hearts and souls too.

    I get the slippery slope thing, I do. I just don't see why Americans who have waged war on all of America and everything it stands for deserve a trial, but 1 American kills one other American and not only does is he shot and killed but 9 others are shot, and that's ok. That makes no sense to me.
    Totally fair points. I definitely get why you feel this way.
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    In Alex case it's his inability of not being able to see the forrest for the trees. I don't know what he is going to do when he starts researching World War 2 and checks the civilian casualty statistics from US daytime bombing raids over Germany. He will become apoplectic.

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    On the cool any terrorist who dies becuase of a drone strike is lucky he died quickly. A would love to see all terrorist bought over her put to trial and upon conviction tourted and put to death in a slow and excruciatingly painful manner.
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    Believe it or not, but terrorists have children too!

    You may not want war over there, but just think if we sent troops into every compound to take the enemy out. I'd be willing to bet that there would be even more adult and child casualties..
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    My concern is the tech is getting better. People would be naive to think that other governments wouldn't use it to remove government officials and citizens. This is like land mines and the US government is promoting its use. I hope people are ready for the consequences.

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    How is it like land mines?
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    Quote Originally Posted by habsheaven View Post
    How is it like land mines?
    Not at all.

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