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    I don't get it. He isn't that bad. they can't all be Brady/Manning/Luck. Baltimore just won with what was a very middle of the pack QB in terms of numbers. As far as age, well it's like cars - not as much about age as mileage.

    Talking about dropping a decent QB and going after one of the free agents or rookies for 2013 is just as dumb as anything the previous administration has done.
    I don't buy into that. I don't care if you have attempted 400 passes or 4,000 passes, when your body ages it breaks down. I agree that wear and tear are a factor, but a 35 year old QB is still 35 years old regardless of how many sacks he has taken. When I hit my mid-30's I could tell that I lost something. I wasn't as fast or quick, it took longer for soreness to go away, parts ached that didn't used to ache...age happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duane1969 View Post
    Neither was Weeden. Drafting a QB that is not going to help your team because the QB you have now is not the answer is very bad decision making. Sometimes a team needs to suffer through a rough period for the greater good. I use my Steelers as a great example. From 98-00 we suffered through a really rough period with Kordell Stewart because when we drafted there wasn't a quality QB available. Sure they could have reached for Shaun King with the 13th pick in 1999 or passed on Plaxico Burress with the 8th pick in 2000 to reach for a weak-armed Chad Pennington, but that would not have made them a better team.

    Was McCoy the answer? Maybe, maybe not. I know there are several teams out there that wouldn't mind a QB that averages 200 yards and 1 TD per game and completes 58% of his passes. The Ravens and 49ers just went to the Super Bowl with QBs that average very similar numbers.

    I also know that drafting a QB every 2 or 3 years and never upgrading the rest of the team won't win games either. Put Tom Brady or Peyton Manning on the current Browns team and they still only win 6 or 7 games because there is no talent on the rest of the team. A team with a HOF QB, crappy receivers, a mediocre running game and a nearly non-existent defense doesn't go to the playoffs.
    I'm not arguing that Weeden is the answer, because I personally don't think he is. But the fact of the matter is that Colt McCoy was not getting the job done.

    And I don't buy for one minute that if you put Tom Brady on the Browns that they'd only win 6 or 7 games. Great quarterbacks make average WR's look good. And so far, Josh Gordon and Greg Little have proven to be pretty average. I understand that football is the ultimate team game, but Tom Brady would make the Browns a playoff team, even with an inconsistent defense. Tom Brady would not overthrow Josh Gordon on a streak, like Weeden does. Tom Brady would not panic and scramble out of bounds for 2 yards if he saw one defender coming his way, like Colt does.

    Weeden and Colt might not have big name receivers around them, but I guarantee that if you put Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson on the Browns with them, they both still look like below average QB's. Because neither can handle pressure, neither are accurate, and neither are good decision makers. Hell, it has been proven time and time again that a stud receiver doesn't make a below average QB any better. If it were that easy, the Cardinals wouldn't have a revolving door at that position.
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