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    Looking to buy $1-$2 gu and auto of the Iowa Hawkeyes

    Looking to buy $1-$2 dlvd gu and autos of the following
    Iowa Hawkeyes

    Marvin Mcnutt
    Riley Reiff
    Shaun Prater
    Marcus Zcuvesis

    Ricky Stanzi
    Tyler Sash
    Adrian Clayborn
    Christian Ballard

    Amari Spievey
    Pat Angerer
    Bryan Bulaga
    Tony Moeaki

    Shonn Greene
    Albert Young
    bradley fletcher

    Kenny Iwebama
    Charles Godfrey
    Brandon Myers

    Scott Chandler
    Drew Tate
    Adam Haluska (basketball)
    Marshall Yanda
    AJ edds
    edmond miles

    Chad Greenway
    Abdul Hodge
    Ed Hinkel (only card is 06 rc debut)
    Clinton Solomon (only card 06 rc debut)

    Matt Roth
    Jonathan Babineax
    Sean Considine

    Fred Russell
    Nate Kaeding
    Robert Gallery
    Bob Sanders
    Erik Jensen

    BRAD BANKS (favorite)
    Dallas Clark

    Ladell Betts
    Kahlil Hill
    Aaron Kampmann

    Kevin Kasper

    Pre 2000
    Bashir Yamini
    Tom Knight
    Tim Dwight
    Merton Hanks
    Sedrick Shaw
    Tavian Banks
    Matt Rodgers
    Jared Devries
    Jr Koch (basketball)
    Luke Recker (basketball)
    Reggie Evans (basketball)
    Ricky Davis (basketball)
    Mike Wells
    Chuck Long
    Alex Karras

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    Zcuvesis doesn't have any cards issued and most of these guys don't have any autos or g/u

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    This is my Hawkeye list, I realize many do not have gu or autos but its easier to just copy and paste rather than edit.

    If you have any Nice brad banks, i have some nice greenways

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    well i have a charles godfrey contenders rc auto for 4 pp gift?

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    Have R&S rooks of

    Marvin Mcnutt
    Riley Reiff


    Adrian Clayborn
    Christian Ballard

    Amari Spievey

    Bryan Bulaga
    Need , newer Lions /newer Red Wings Anthony Mantha/ Flickr account: Hidden Content

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    Michigan - just looking for gu and auto right now

    Dx I will think it over

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    Do you have any Greenways from 2006 Elite? I have a couple lower #ed Press Pass autos of Banks

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    Only have the regular elite rc. Those are nice cards

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