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    putting my kevin durant rookie auto ft

    i have a sp rookie edition auto of durant ft for anything nice

    not checkin buckets will look at offers once i get off tonight

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    Im still interested. Take a look and LMK.
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    I trade by bv, sv, whichever makes the most sense in that deal. Don't expect me to accept a deal that you wouldn't if the roles were reversed!! Will get to the PO when I can. Let me know when you plan to send out unless you are MSF.

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    I have 2 Kobe Autos, i would be willing to part with one of themif your interested and then we could go from there as far as what else you would want for the Durant. LMK if either of these interest you. Thanks.

    2012/13 Absolute Frequent Flyer Auto Kobe Bryant /99 (on card auto)
    2012/13 Elite Turn of the Century Auto Kobe Bryant /199 (Redemption)

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    Quote Originally Posted by btown31 View Post
    Is there anyrhing u wpuld add to it
    Sure, the absolute auto books at $170 and I haven't seen book yet on the elite. If your looking for another auto i've got some 2012/13 rookie stuff or if your looking for GU i have some Kobe, lebron, rondo, ect., just give me an idea of what your looking for, Thanks for the response.

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    Just lookin for a killwr offer ive been offered some pretty good stuff just dk wat I want yet

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