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    The biggest pull of my 10+ years in collecting : 1 12-13 OPC Box !!!!

    So I needed supplies for some cards I had to ship out and I could not leave the shop empty handed. I thought of a box of 11-12 SPX but I just didn't want to hand over that kind of money on a supplies trip. Lets just say am I very glad I decided to spend some money on a cheap box this trip. The box was pretty boring til the 4th last pack and out came this beauty :

    I am in such awe I cannot even speak. It took me 20 minutes to put it in the magnet case. X1000

    I can't even believe this. Comments are most highly welcomed! This is definitely my best pull from being in the hobby 10+ years!
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    Sheesh, $544?!? Great pull, I'm guessing it's super SP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvo727 View Post
    Sheesh, $544?!? Great pull, I'm guessing it's super SP?
    Like super duper. 1 in over 10,000 packs I think.

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    And that's the way the cookie crumbles! Back to you guys at the desk!

    Great hit!
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    Hey, I have four base cards and a pack of bubble gum(spearmint) that I will trade for it.

    LOL, great pull!!

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    I will buy you a box of spx for it haha

    Very NIce hit!

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    So these are all manufactured?

    I've never liked OPC so don't know much about the XSP, but congrats on the killer hit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OPCbreaker43 View Post
    Like super duper. 1 in over 10,000 packs I think.
    1:14000 packs. I cant believe it!

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