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    Quick Sales. Peyton Manning Auto

    Going to PO tomorrow morning! Paypal gift or concealed cash accepted. Add $2.50 for shipping. WILL DO THE ENTIRE THREAD FOR $120 DLVD!!!



    The cards below must be purshased with another card from the ones above, or taken as a lot for $25 DLVD. (no extra shipping)



    $4 /50

    $5 30/30




    $3 /199
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    Hey bro, can you do $45 gift on the Manning? Post it up if so. -Ken

    Also - Can you get it out today or do I have to wait a week?

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    cant go any lower tho. and ya Ill get it out tomorrow!

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    $45 gift (no fees) is best I can do for you. If you change your mind, just let me know. Thanks! -Ken

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    Just going to toss it out there. Would do 100 for the whole lot. Get it all out of your hair in one shot. :)

    Shoot me a pm if you don't get any bites or if you just want to clear it all out.

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    Meet me in the middle at $110 gift and its yours!

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    Going to pass. Good luck with the sales. The Titus Youngs and Harry Douglas's scare me plus, there is no way I will pay gift.

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    I'd take the hunter and little for 7.00 dlvd if interested.
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    Check the bucket for trades.....
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