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    Torrey Smith, Richardson, Julio FS/FT!! +more, multi sport 1/1

    Looking to sell a few cards and 2 pics. All cards are in great shape unless stated, I will possibly trade and will check buckets but I really just want to sell, thanks. Lets make some DEALS!
    Antawn Jamison 1/1 2004 Bowman printing plate $30OBO(make me any offer if interested!)

    Torrey Smith auto/499 $13DLVD

    Torrey Smith topps chrome blue /199 $8DLVD

    Torrey Smith 4 clr booklet $43OBO

    Torrey Smith Prime sigs /249 $15 DLVD

    Sanu /25 $10 DLVD

    $10 apiece /50 (Not one sold on Ebay that I have seen, or even touched Ebay at all) Both cards have really small pressure creases from the patch that you cant even see unless you take the card out of the toploader, its really hard to see!

    Mark Ingram sage hit gold hand #'d /250 $10DLVD

    Trent Richardson IP auto $20 DLVD(BOLD)

    Make an offer on these 2 pics, I have no clue what to price! (BOTH have really bold autos) Both have COAS!
    Trent Richardson/Mark Ingram dual auto 8x10

    Julio Jones really BOLD auto 8x10

    Nolan Ryan Topps Super Chrome(Really big card!)$13DLVD

    Martin Prado bat and Randall Delgado Gypsy Queen auto$6dlvd

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