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    Question What is the first pack or box of football cards that you can remember opening?

    What is the first pack or box of football cards that you can remember opening? For some this might be harder than others to answer so that's why I ask what one you have the first memory of opening.
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    2003 Gridiron Kings: Was chasing Kyle Boller hit a Jimmy Kennedy Auto and Joey Harrington GU. But hey that Byron Leftwich RC was a great the moment.

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    1992 UD Football

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    1996 certified
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    Pack: 1991 Upper Deck
    Box: 1992 Fleer Ultra

    First single I bought that got my heart pumping because I was re-born into the hobby (even though I spent only $1):
    1991 TSC Randall Cunningham in 1992 @ Gloria Rothstein card show (spring)
    I say reborn because I opened up packs of baseball cards back in 1977 and thought nothing more of them. These were the days when "flip" had an entirely different meaning. I never thought of even spending money on buying a card from a "pack that had already been opened". It had a sacreligious aura about it. This thought/feeling/philosophy carried with me until that very moment in 1992.

    First single that made me sweat when I bought it because I thought I was crazy nuts for giving up this amount of cash for a piece of cardboard:
    1990 Score Supp. Emmitt Smith ($20) in 1992 @ Gloria Rothstein card show (fall)

    I still have both cards.

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    1991 Topps football... Back in the day I was a die hard baseball fan, and I would never purchase football cards unless the store was sold out of baseball cards. Now, I am the complete opposite.

    -Robert Lewis

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    1993 collector's choice baseball! Loved the animation and stickers they used to do when I was young.

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    Pack - One of those random packs where the cards are presorted junk base of no-names.
    Box - 2000 Topps Gold Label - LOL this product was awesome at the time! Broke pry 6 or 7 boxes and got a trung candidate auto and sylvester morris auto...

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