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    great stuff man. I am really missing the TTM'ing.

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    Thank you Welker83 and Riggs for following my thread. I enjoy seeing people enjoy my success. This hobby is a blessing. It's fun and I know that sometimes I brighten someone's day and obviously with each return, my day is brightened.

    My successes on the Custom Magic set front have been non-existent. I have out 3 requests. I'm hopeful 2 of the 3 will return but I'm not holding my breath.

    To pass the time, I thought I would share some of my other successes of the past few weeks.

    I got this one back on Saturday. I had a 1973 Topps card of Dan Pastorini when I was a kid. My dad bought a whole box of 1973 football cards (with a few '72s, and WonderBread cards mixed in) at a garage sale in 1989 or 1990. I remember him striking a deal at $27 for the box. In the box, pretty much all of the '73 rookies including Franco Harris and second year card of Staubach, etc. My brother got all the '72 Dolphins, The Staubach, The Franco Harris. I got Dan Pastorini. In fairness, my parents knew I was young and irresponsible with my cards. The cards which ranged in condition from Fair to NM in my possession deteriorated to 'good' at best because most of the time, I threw my cards in cardboard boxes. I'm sure this is a classic story for a shrink's leather couch....did my parents fail me by giving me the cards that were less valuable and did I behave according to my environment? :)

    Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm in the middle of a thread ;). I had two cards signed by Dan, a '79 and '80 Topps. I can't figure out the '80 Topps card. It may be Topps' best airbrush card of that era. That picture had to be a Houston Oilers jersey.

    I've lost count of how many '85 Bears I have now. I just added Brad Anderson. This was a nice success. I have several requests out that I'm very surprised I have not gotten back from other '85 Bears....I'm not sure why....

    After HOMAGE t-shirts had a sale on the Loyola Ramblers t-shirt box set a few weekends ago, I looked up their story. It was EPIC. I ended up buying the t-shirt and made a card of Jerry Harkness, who was their All-American. I blurred out the personalization of my name. It was a nice success.

    I had a success from Dr. Jack on Monday. I was tickled. He is a coaching great and a tremendous part of my ESPN NBA memories. I enjoyed his input a lot through the years.

    He even wrote me a note on a personalized postcard (I blurred out my name):

    I thought I had missed the boat on Christian Okoye. As it turns out, it was 2 days late after showing up today in a USPS 'body bag'. The card was completely intact and unharmed. I am hovering around 80 '88 Topps cards signed. This guy was a treat to watch. He was tough. This is a great success.

    One of the best Buckeye memories I have is of watching the early '90s Buckeye teams. Coach Randy Ayers did a great job with those Buckeye teams in a very tough Big Ten conference.

    Speaking of Buckeyes....another Buckeye great Clark Kellogg:

    I busted out the Action Packed cards from the early 90s and sent some out. I was excited to pick up a HOF Celtic in Frank Ramsey:

    I wanted a '57-'58 Topps Dick Schnittker card. However, they cost like $25 or more on ebay. So, I bootlegged one. I printed out high res scans and turned them into a reprint of the card. Overall, it turned out well.

    I have wanted to get into some USFL 'TTMing' but finding affordable commons is tough. Chuck Fusina was a great of the short-lived league. I love this success.

    I tried writing to Irish great Terry Hanratty back in 2010 but never heard back. I was disappointed, he had always been a good signer and admittedly, March of 2010 has been my roughest month of 'TTMing' ever. (Also, the month where I had a lot of Spring Training sends). He must have started signing again. After seeing a few rounds of successes, I bit and finally scored success on a '74 Topps and Notre Dame college collection.

    Speaking of signers who have been tough through the years. I was excited to get another Golden Domer and great member of the 1980s Jets teams Bob Crable:

    And probably my favorite success of the past few months:

    I blurred out Coach's phone numbers, email, and my name on the letter. I wanted the famous quote inscribed by him on a card but did not want to annoy him. So, I made a card with the quote printed on the front and back. Then, I also made a custom 1970 Topps card from his playing days. I grew up in Northern Ohio but admittedly, loved Coach W. To me, he's one of the franchise's all-time best for his work as a player and coach.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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    Love the Wyche return. I am a huge USFL fan... I'm trying to put together a custom set to send out, but finding good photos to use is hard. Got a couple made, we'll see what happens.
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    Always looking for cards/memorabilia to trade from:
    Scott Spiezio, Kelly Dransfeldt, Billy Petrick, Zack Petrick,
    Jacob Goebbert, Jeff Query, & Dez Clark... Chicago Cubs, Bears, & Blackhawks

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    amazing returns... I'll be bugging you shortly or Dick Schnittker Address. Thats a sweet success, congrats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gojacks View Post
    Sweet stuff!
    Quote Originally Posted by Riggs View Post
    amazing returns... I'll be bugging you shortly or Dick Schnittker Address. Thats a sweet success, congrats.
    Schnittker took awhile. I don't think I've seen success for you with him yet...don't give up hope. I'm sure he will return!

    Sorry for lack of posts. 'TTM'ing' has been a bit of a drag lately. I have been feeling uninspired, have had only 1 return from my beloved Indians, and have a bunch of RTS' as of late. I'm so frustrated.

    Today, I had a fun and great success. 15 months ago I sent a card to the former Minor League Baseball player who portrayed fictional pitcher Dave Spiwack in the "Naked Gun" movie. It took me forever to pin down an address that I researched myself and then I never heard back. I thought it was a goner. Today, it showed up!

    While I was at it, I pulled out successes that I had in the past from Willie Mueller (former Brewer) who played "The Duke" Duke Simpson in Major League and Jay Johnstone who was retired and was never really a Seattle Mariner in 1987 but portrayed one in the "Naked Gun". Last year I sent him a $5 donation and the card and he signed and sent back a short note that conceded that it was indeed "a great movie".

    I also had a success last month from Sidd Finch (the guy that portrayed him). I made a custom 1986 Topps baseball card and he signed and sent me back two of his own cards. Great success!

    I have had curses trying to get my final 3 spots of my custom Magic set filled. I sent to Brian Bosworth on a longshot (wearing the N.ational C.ommunists A.gainst A.thletes t-shirt), Willie Gault, Howard Schnellenberger and Shane Lechler. I'm sitting at 6+ weeks on all requests. Yuck!

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