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    Question What is the first pack or box of basketball cards that you can remember opening?

    What is the first pack or box of basketball cards that you can remember opening? For some this might be harder than others to answer so that's why I ask what one you have the first memory of opening.
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    86 Fleer! $10 for the box and i put together a set that later paid for my first car. Not a bad flip.

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    Fleer 93-94 pack from card shaq. Pulled a domminique wilkins nba superstar.

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    88/89 Topps with the Pippen rookie and rookies of Mark Jackson.John Stockton and reggie miller
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    Pack: 92-93 Topps. Pulled a Spud Webb base.

    Box: 93-94 Fleer for my 9th birthday in 1993. Pulled the draft redemption card.

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    I rember being about 7 years old or so during the early 19980s and someone gave me a bunch of hockey and star trek cards for halloween. I was a kid and wasn't interested in hockey or cards back then so all of those cards were played with and eventually pictched out in the trash. X-( A couple of years later when I was into sports my daddy bought me a pack of football cards for christmas. I took a little bit better care of them but most of them became damaged/destroyed over the years. I eventually learned my lesson.

    Edit: As far as basketball was concerned my first packs that I can recall was the 1990-91 nba hoops.
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    95 Finest
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    1991-92 Hoops McDonalds, with a Happy Meal, when I was 8. I got Larry Johnson and Dikembe Mutombo in that first pack, and still have those today, set aside in special frames, for sentimental value.

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    I think mine was 97-98 Victory or what ever it was. It came with chocolate.

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    I remember my first packs like they were yesterday. A local video store at the time sold packs of basketball cards behind his counter. Kids from school were going so I eventually bugged my parents to the point my Dad took me one weekend. I got to open 3 packs that day:
    96 scoreboard - which got me a unlicensed scottie pippen card and and two Allen Iversons (one was a checklist i think)
    96-97 collectors choice - pulled a KG/Kobe/Jermaine O'neal mini
    96-97 nba hoops - pulled an MJ the big finish subset car (thought it was the coolest looking card then lol)
    The cool thing is that I'm pretty sure I still have all those cards

    And one year Santa brought me a box of 94-95 skybox, my first box ever. My parents told me that I should open one pack a day lol. I'm surprised I actually made it last 3 whole days. I was bummed that there wasn't even an MJ base though.

    Miss the good ol' days

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