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    Found 2 boxes of 2005-2006 upperdeck at zellers for $5.99 each

    I was at zellers and seen that there were 2 boxes of upperdeck 2005-2006 for just $ 5.99 each. I thought that was a great deal so i bought them. I pulled a Ovechkin Young Guns but it had a tear on it. The rest was just crap cards. I guess i can't complain since i just payed $ 5.99 a box

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    I was just wondering how much would the boxes normally cost? If you could find them?

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    You found a Zellers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OPCfan View Post
    You found a Zellers?
    That made me chuckle!

    Back on topic there is a difference between Retail (which you have bought) and Hobby. Retail packs/boxes generally do not have many things that the Hobby version has (such as autos, patches ETC). Hobby is more expensive but generally the chances of pulling something are a lot better.

    The box you have bought may have been a blaster (12 packs per blaster I believe) or a full retail box (24 packs per).
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    I hear that the Zellers in West Kelowna is still up and running, but reaching the final days and thus the point where things start to get really blown out - maybe I should venture over there.

    Too bad about the damaged Ovechkin - that would have been pretty awesome in mint shape for $6!
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    I think it was a blaster. I'm not to sure since i'm new at collecting

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    Sick pull but too bad it was damaged.

    How many packs in each box that you got?

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