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Thread: What does MOJO mean?

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    What does MOJO mean?

    Other than the obvious Maurice Jones Drew. What does it mean when people say MOJO on here? I dont really understand. Thanks.

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    MOJO = good luck or making big hits when busting packs

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    Mojo is a funny word for me as well. The first time I heard it was on Austin Powers and we all know what he meant by "mojo". Then after that I heard it when the seattle mariners used it, being from that area. Then I started seeing it everywhere in the card community on youtube, facebook, and here. But I myself dont use it. But it sure is an attention getter. If someones headline reads HOLY MOJO, or MAJOR MOJO I seem to always have to see what it is lol.
    And I think your thinking MJD for maurice jones drew.

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    thanks for clarifying guys. Yea everytime I see the word I immediately think Austin Powers not Andrew Luck 1/1 lol

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    i wouldn't know. i've never personally experienced it. :Cry::Cry:

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    M. Man that was great
    O. Oh my god I hate you that card should belong to me
    J. Just kidding your card is not that great
    O. OMG I cant lie that was pretty sweet and now I hate my life and hate you for all your luck

    That's what MOJO means.

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