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    up to $150 paypal ready for best deal!

    Looking for stars, not Dallas Stars but like Crosby, Stamkos, Gretzky, Orr, anyone else interesting.. :)
    Autos+gu preferred. I dont like checking buckets, send me PM with your offer and links to direct cards.
    Looking for something in the region of $80-150.
    Looking for a good deal. Can be a big lot or just a few.
    Shoot me with your pm:s :)

    edit: please it would be alot nicer if you could send me pm:s instead of posting in the thread thanks :)
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    Thanks for your offer but as there are no autos on those im afraid i am not interested.

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    I have this

    ovechkin/stamkos dual auto /50 prestigious parings 10-11 spa

    PM me for a price.

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    Don't have much for AUs but:





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