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    RGIII PRIZM GOLd 9/10 - ONE Day Only Before Ebay

    Alright guys here it is... #9/10 pulled directly from pack by me...NPB on Ebay case closed today so its back on the market...looking to get rid of it and pay some 1pm tomorrow its hitting ebay....I stress OBO the price right now is $1,000.00 OR Best OFFER!..card is in great condition all marks are from case.. PP Only and not shipping outside of US sorry..PM Me with offers and or questions2013-01-31_12-33-32_940.jpg2013-01-31_12-33-25_435.jpg

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    I would be intersted, but $1000 is quite a bit higher than you sold it for on ebay, any room in that price at all?

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    So that all are sold on ebay for 1k and one sold for 540...looking for somewhere in between

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    Nice card. I think the one that went for 1k was because it was 10/10. Either way, should do better on ebay then your first time around.

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    yeah...thats my initial guess...somewhere between 600 and 1k...and ill probably take it

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    still around bump...dont be shy make an offer

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