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    Won't play RB in college. Like the article says at the end, he will most likley end up at DT, but even that is dependent on him controlling his weight. A 348 pound 18 year old is headed towards being a 400 pound adult and that doesn't bode well for a pro career. Aside from obvious health issues, there is no way his knees will hold up for a regular game schedule at that weight.

    After watching the video, he definitely has some decent speed. If he lost 60 or 70 pounds he could make a great TE.
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    Hmm. I wonder if he even exists. No telling, once you consider the source.

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    he's too slow for the NFL. If he losses some weight and gets faster he might work out, but guys like this would get shredded in the NFL. Defensive players are too strong and fast. Even in college he won't make it as a running back. With that aside his athleticism can't be ignored. Looks a lot like Vince wilfork to me. With this guys size and mobility he could be an awesome nose tackle. We'll see what happens when he's getting hit by 300 lb defenders in college instead of 175lb defenders in high school. This dude will have to really want to play football. This may just be his year of fame. Hopefully he puts his mind in the right place and uses his talents to become a great lineman.

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