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    Become the owner of the best Hendo PC assembled.

    Just updated my Hendo bucket. Anyone interested in buying everything thats left? If not send offers for individual or lot purchases. No card trades. Thanks.

    Dan Henderson PC
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    Do you have a rough number in mind? I might be intersted. PM me if you do. Thanks.

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    Collection is now listed on eBay......
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    I've admired your collection before, and I was just wondering, who's arguing it's "the best Hendo PC assembled?" :)

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    Thanks bro.... no one really. Just being modest.

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    Now interested in parting out the collection. Will be listing stuff on ebay. Make offers on the cards you want.

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    just curious. can you PM me what you are looking for on the triple auto

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    Did you ever get my PM? Sent it a few days ago. LMK and if not I'll resend.

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